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BEWARE 1st Choice Furniture at Rochor Centre

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  • BEWARE 1st Choice Furniture at Rochor Centre

    EDIT: I just did a research and realised they have been complained by others before too! )<

    Hi everyone, it's gonna be a very long and wordy post.

    I just want to share my nightmare with this furniture shop at Bugis (I wanted to let it go even after much delays from them but they have crossed the line, so please beware of this shop!): 1ST CHOICE FURNITURE SUPERSTORE PTE LTD (Blk 1 #01-598 #02-564 Rochor Centre, Rochor Road, Singapore 180001 Tel: 6392 1131, 6291 1356 Fax: 6296 0523 Email: [email protected])

    We bought a mattress + a bed frame from them, which cost $990 in total, and in additional of $80 delivery fee, so $1070. Although I find them quite expensive for a shop that is not well known, they gave a free pillow, a bolster and a comforter set, provided we make FULL PAYMENT. And my mum was pretty happy with their customer service (SUPER NICE ATTITUDE WHEN MAKING THE PURCHASE), so the deal was closed.

    Then my mum was looking for dressing table for herself and me, so we went back to this shop and got 2 sets from them at $580, full payment made too. On another day, we decided to get a office chair, and we still went back to them and got one at $80, full payment made.

    So we went back to them 3 TIMES, spent a total of $1730 at this shop. FYI, they do not have a proper showroom because of their limited space, so other than the mattress and the office chair, everything else was decided based on photos. It was intended to deliver all these items to my new house on 18th June, but because we moved in earlier than expected, we asked them for the earliest date of delivery, they said 15th June. So all was set, I THOUGHT.

    My mum also purchased a set of sofa, a coffee table and a queen-sized bed frame from SINCERE FURNITURE CENTRE @ Trade Hub 21, I must say they are much more professional.

    So on the 14th June, SINCERE called to confirmed the delivery, 1ST CHOICE did not. But I let it go, thinking it was just an extra step that SINCERE had taken.

    15th June morning, SINCERE delivered everything. So I continued waiting for 1ST CHOICE's delivery. Till afternoon, I called 1ST CHOICE to confirm their delivery timing, this girl Rebecca, said to call me back in 5 mins and would let me know.

    Probably about 10 mins later, she called back and here the nightmare began. She said the factory's invoice stated to deliver on 14th June and they did, but no one was at home. BUT I WAS AT HOME THE WHOLE DAY, I EVEN ASKED THE SECURITY (I stayed in condo) AND THEY SAID THERE WAS NO DELIVERY. So I ask Rebecca, why didn't they call me if no one was at home, she said THEIR MOBILE BATTERY DIED! WHO WOULD BRING A USELESS PHONE OUT FOR DELIVERY WHEN THEY KNOW THERE IS HIGH POSSIBILITY THAT THEY NEED TO CALL THE BUYERS!? And being cuter, she said the delivery men DID NOT call back the shop upon delivery unsuccessful. NICE.

    So, she said she try to make arrangement to deliver parts of the order, and I waited. In the end, she said their schedule was full and the next available date to deliver my items would be 18th June afternoon (what else can I say?).

    18th June morning, the 2 dressing tables were delivered, and the delivery men said that they are only responsible for delivering these 2 items. So I called, this Rebecca claimed that the dressing tables were at the factory, so they were delivered to me straight from there. The REST will be delivered to me in the afternoon, probably arriving latest at 4pm.

    At 3.50pm, Rebecca called and informed that their lorry had just left and would reach me SHORTLY. At 5pm, nothing! So I called, this time the ladyboss claimed that they have lots to deliver today, probably will be arriving quite late. (I was supposed to go out at latest 6.15pm.) They already delayed my items, isn't it common sense to deliver my items FIRST!? My patience was running out, and I said I could only wait till 6pm latest. She had the cheek to say "why not you go out first, we deliver to you later at night when you are back (w/o thinking what if I reach home late), or tmr? (which was a Sunday)" Is she trying to tell me that working in this line, she has no idea that condo may not allow delivery to be made after dark and no delivery on Sundays!? So I said no and insisted I would only wait till 6pm. She said she would call the driver and get back to me in 5 mins.

    Half an hour gone, no calls! So I called, both numbers, either no answer or engaged right after the line got cut off. I knew they had caller ID so I was suspecting that they did it on purpose. So I used my boyfriend's phone and called, THEY PICKED UP. (And they claimed that they were having customers, nice excuse.)

    So this Rebecca said that their ladyboss had called the driver to call me, but he didn't, so she said she would call again. Finally the driver called, and said he was at Serangoon, coming over soon. Half an hour later, I called the driver, HE SAID HE WAS AT HOUGANG!! And it was 6.15pm, I nearly EXPLODE. He said he would reach 20 - 30 mins later, what else can I do but to continue waiting and be late for my meet up?

    6.50pm (later than 30mins), mattress, pillow, bolster and office chair were delivered, THEN WHERE IS MY BED!? the deliveryman said the guy in-charge said that the bed frame was not mine so it was put in another lorry (another excuse). And the color for the office chair was WRONG! Called the shop again, I was looking for the ladyboss, and this ladyboss who actually answered the call and passed the phone to Rebecca (what a coward!). And Rebecca said she DIDN'T KNOW! All their deliverymen push the responsibilities to the shop and the shop pushes back to the factory. So how!? Have to deliver and do exchange for the chair on 20th June, today. She asked me not to wait at home, she would call an hour in advance then I go home wait. IS SHE DUMB OR WHAT!? WHAT IF I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF STH OR I AM FAR AWAY? DO I LOOK LIKE I CAN TELEPORT? I rolled my eyes and ended the conversation.

    TODAY, Rebecca called at 12noon, said their first lorry was full, so had to wait for the second trip which would reach me in the afternoon. I didn't even bother to scold them for not delivering my items first when they delayed my items again and again. She said she would call to inform me.

    At 2pm plus, someone from the factory called to confirm the delivery, the bed frame FINALLY arrived at around 3pm. BUT NO CHAIR!!! Not to mention no comforter set. Deliveryman said they were only responsible for the bed frame. Called the shop, Rebecca went to lunch. Half an hour later called again, the male staff Gerald, said would check and called back in 5 mins, no calles after another half an hour. Called back, this Gerald said Rebecca would be back latest at 4.30pm and would call me back. 5pm, no calls! Tried calling and calling, either engaged or no answer played again. So I bombarded their phones and finally Rebecca answered, she said the color for the chair and the comforter set I want are OUT OF STOCK! Comforter set has to wait 2 weeks later, chair has to wait till END OF JULY! She suggested I use the wrong color chair first, and she would do an exchange with me when the stock arrives. I was like, what if later you say I used already no exchange allow etc? I WAS FUMING! I said I do not want the chair anymore, take it back and return me my money. Then she said why not I bring the chair to their shop, and choose another chair! And offer me one mattress protector to compensate. I WAS LIKE WTS!? She even had the cheek to said she lost a lot of money making so many delivery to me, SO IT'S MY FAULT?!

    So I talked to my mum, and she called them FROM OVERSEAS, someone (my mum said the voice is the ladyboss) from the shop heard it's my mother, SHE HANG THE PHONE!

    So now we decided to return the chair and get the refund, which still need a week's time. Hopefully it's over after the refund. So tired of chasing after them.

    So please, everyone, BEWARE OF THIS SHOP! And don't ever make full payment to any expensive items you buy! They won't be bothered with you once full payment is made!


    Sorry for the super long rants.
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    This is very helpful to all of us who is intending to buy furnitures.. in fact 2 months ago I was actualy shopping around Rochor centre for furnitures too. I am very glad to read your post today. Thanks so much!!