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10 Online Games to Kill Time!

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  • 10 Online Games to Kill Time!

    Ever found yourself in a situation where you were bored to death? Situations could range from a social gathering where you are fitting it hard to fit in or a lecture on quantum physics during class. Although people have resorted to scrolling through their news feed senselessly to beat boredom.
    Desperate times, desperate measures. Coursework Assistance by Coursework Help Deal is available. Alternatively, you can dive into following games that you can play online:


    This game allows you to employ cat burglars (you read that correctly), that will get to work in bringing you all the neat things for your room. Keep track of the things cat steal and subsequently, treat your cat burglars.
    2.Exploding Kittens

    The game was developed by the creator of The Oatmeal. With cool graphics, this multi-layer card game is a fun time pass. Rest assured no kittens were harmed in the process.


    Similar to Scrabble and created back in 2012, it quickly garnered players. In this game, you fill the board with the color of your choice before your opponent can make their move. You can bring friends on board with you but beware! Tile stealing is a norm.

    4.Alpaca Works HD+

    Free for both Android and iOS users where the mission is to capture the alpacas that cross over onto your side of the form. You can dress them up in different attires. The game is reported to have been enjoyed by all age groups and the icing on the cake is its appealing graphics.

    5.Baccarat Squeeze

    Disclaimer: Real money is involved!
    Yes, you can win actual money but be mindful of the tips on how to playing this game before you jump in.

    6.Dumb Ways to Die

    It involves blob-like creatures which die in some of the most ingenious as well as bizarre ways that a mind can think of. The mission is to keep them alive as the number of blobs will continue to grow as you progress in the game.

    7.Hamster Collection

    This is the classic game for those who like pets but do not wish to own one. Hamster Collection gives you the chance to care for simulated hamsters. You can pet them, play with them and or offer them delights just as you would if owned a real one.

    8.Pokemon Shuffle

    Unlike Pokemon Go, you are not required to run around town chasing characters instead it’s more on the lines of Candy Crush. Sit back, relax on your couch or sofa, and create a team of three Pokemon to wreak havoc on the opposing party.

    9.Assassin’s Creed Identity

    Packed with breathtaking graphics, this is the first RPG action game of the franchise on mobile platforms. The story is set around the time of Italian Renaissance and has enough missions and quests to keep you hooked to your smartphones/tablets.

    10.Goat Simulator Waste of Space

    As the name implies the first-ever (your character) goat gets sent into the outer space to crowdfund a new colony. It encompasses action, exciting gameplay, great story line and outrageous fun time gaming.


    Go try them out now and you’ll never be out of means to kill time, promise!

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    Great list. I also like card games:solitaire, blackjack, spoons and my favorite is poker. Prefer to play online, on some casinos . PS a great way to kill time and earn some money