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    For the duration of my life I have had faith in one religion and that is Christianity. Christianity is a religion that has much rich history behind it. From the ascent of Jesus, we start to see that the new religion is increasing numerous devotees. The teachings of Jesus and the Book of scriptures helped aide the individuals who were miscreants to the right way.
    It taught individuals the right way of life for them to go to paradise. Since growing up I got to be enamoured with The Sacred Book of scriptures. I generally read the book of scriptures, however never genuinely comprehended what it was attempting to say. As I got more seasoned I figured out how to peruse it so I would have the capacity to comprehend the more profound importance behind it. I turned out to be truly intrigued with the narrative of Jesus on the grounds that it discusses how his life unwound to a more prominent significance. From his introduction to the world, we see that he was naturally introduced to neediness, despite the fact that he was the child of man. He had faith in this new thought called Christianity.
    For the duration of his life we see that he has confronted numerous reactions by the individuals who didn't have faith in what he was attempting to present. Yet at the same time he continued giving addresses and showing numerous individuals about the thought behind Christianity. Get Targeted Contest Votes Since perusing the story I started to think about the individuals who might be Jesus in our present day time. As I continued supposing I thought one about the individual who as I would like to think would be like him. I trust that Kanye West is Jesus on earth. As I would like to think, I surmise that Kanye West is Jesus on Earth. Presently when I say he is similar to Jesus, I don't mean it actually, yet more in Ideological terms.
    And Vapulse Media says that Jesus had faith in the thought of Christianity and amid his time here on earth he found himself able to make an undulating impact. That is clear in light of the fact that Christianity is a noteworthy religion. Kanye West trusted in the ability he had in music and needed to impart it to others around the globe. Numerous saw him as a maker that is the reason he wasn't considered important. Since being upheld by Jay Z his profession has taken off quickly.
    In the Sanctification of Jesus, we read that the paradises were interested in him. Jay Z was sort've like John the Baptist to Kanye in light of the fact that once his name upheld him, the music business and fans were interested in him. Because of his collection achievement he got numerous honours and increased numerous fans. His music was fruitful in light of the fact that individuals comprehended the significance behind the verses in his tunes. Fans comprehended the thoughts that he was attempting to express through his music. As a craftsman, he has doubtlessly had his offer of haters. Some of his activities have driven him to getting much feedback from people in general. One of his most recognizable acts is cutting off Taylor Quick at the 2009 VMA's. The vast majority scrutinized him saying who does think he is taking Quick's Spotlight minute like that. Jesus was additionally condemned by the individuals who didn't trust in his thoughts. Presently we know it wasn't the correct time for him to go up there, yet it was what he trusted so he chose to say it right then and there.
    Mr. West trusts that he's the voice of the era. I can concur with this announcement on the grounds that as of late there was a White House appeal for him to discharge his collection "Wash". Polldaddy Contest Votes That activity demonstrates the Kanye West's music is so engaging and appreciated that fans are appealing to for him to discharge his music by power. His thoughts are generally welcomed that fans are prepared to listen to his latest venture. West tackles the voices of his kin and transforms it into astounding music. In the book of scriptures we read that wherever Jesus lectured numerous gathered around to hear the uplifting news from him. Kanye West's fans are similar to the pupils who take after his music. He later on discusses how he needs to instruct children to trust and go to bat for themselves as should be obvious through the tirade he has numerous thoughts that he accepts could be expert.
    What other path for him to finish them than by running for president. A craftsman running for president is not what Americans would expect for the decisions in light of the fact that we've been utilized to just legislators. Generally as he said amid the rage "this is another attitude" and that is the thing that we are confronting coming in race year 2020. In correlation to individuals didn't expect Jesus as a figure who might be a child of man material, rather he was only a typical individual like others around him. Individuals just expected those with the ability to say such things on a divine being.
    Jesus had confidence in what he said which wound up with him getting crucified for it. He kicked the bucket for our wrongdoings. Kanye West said that "I will kick the bucket for the workmanship" by saying that he is willing to put his life for what he put stock in which was the specialty of music. Jesus was a joke until he performed his wonders before numerous.
    At this moment numerous are taking Kanye West's presidential offer as a joke. In 2020 we will check whether he will stun us again at the end of the day. He's numerous things, yet no lawmaker, yet would he be able to add the word president to his occupation in 2020.