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3D Magic Pain Relief Massage

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  • 3D Magic Pain Relief Massage

    Product Description:
    9 out of 10 women suffer acute and chronic pain ( shoulder ache, stiff neck, back pain, etc.) caused by Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) at work and bad sitting posture. These pains may also be caused by stress at work, which causes the secretion of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress, causing inflammation in our muscles to spread. Introducing 3D Magic Pain Relief Therapy, an innovative massage combining science and traditional bodywork, that is able to knead into the root of your pain, unblocking the stagnant energy (Qi) and blood in the body. The result? Effectively diminishing the intensity of pain. Magically as it sound, our 3D Magic Pain Relief Therapy is deeply relaxing and virtually painless, you no longer need to fear or delay treatment to your pain. Guaranteed results in just 1 session. Effective for common pain problems such as stiff neck, heel pain, backache, joint ache, shoulder ache, frozen shoulder and sore aching legs.

    Love & Blessings,
    CozyCot Crew
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    A very effective theraphy! Reduces the pains in my muscles due to stress. Their theraphists are also very good and accomodating.


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      wanna try this accuptunre Essential oil is call Live2Move Moxa Pain Extinguisher(10ml)

      Moxa Pain Extinguisher is a product of Kamp medicine, the Japanese study and adaptation of the classical literature of Chinese medicine.

      Kampo is integrated into the national health care system, the formula of Live2Move Moxa Pain Extinguisher are therefore prepared under strict manufacturing conditions that rival pharmaceutical companies.

      Live2Move Moxa Pain Extinguisher treats pain in 30 seconds by activating the essence of the oil using the heat of our palm, and pressing against the palm at acupuncture points or certain locations of the human body. When the affected site receives a better supply of oxygen and nutrients, the pain and numbness will disappear; inflammation and waste materials from old injuries can also be removed. It works like a pain relief miracle, and most people who experienced treatment with Live2Move Moxa Pain Extinguisher feel invigorated.

      How It Works

      Live2Move Moxa Pain Extinguisher adopts nanotechnology to allow the essence of the ingredients to penetrate into the skin. Not only does it work phenomenally to ease pain and aches, the effect is immediate and extremely safe, reducing the need to sue countless of other medication that are not only ineffective, and may bring about side effects as well. It works like a 30 seconds do-it-yourself acupuncture session, just without the pain of needles!

      Benefits of Live2Move Moxa Pain Extinguisher

      · Relieves fatigue
      · Fights muscular weakness
      · Improve blood circulation
      · Good for Muscular tension and stiffness
      · Eases rheumatism, Neuralgias and muscular pain and stimulates gastric functions
      · Good for treating menstrual disorders

      Key Ingredients :
      · Caulis Impatientis – promotes blood circulation and helps to reduce pain
      · Rhizoma Ligustici Chuanxiong – promotes the flow of qi and eliminating wind to relieve pain
      · Stigma Croci- removes heat from blood and to calm the nerves
      · Mentha Spicata – reduces pain
      · Rhizoma Zingiberis – alleviate osteoarthritic and other pain
      · Angelicae sinensis – to activate blood circulation and relieve pain
      Application & Caution :
      · For external application only. Keep it away from eye, mouth and open wounds. People with sensitive skin use with caution
      · Not suitable for pregnant women and kids below 5 years old.
      · Drop 1 ~ 2 drops of Moxa Pain Extinguisher on one palm, and immediately place the palm onto the sore or tender spot of the body and hold for several seconds.
      · Once the sensation of extreme heat developed in the area, you should lift the palm away, and tap the spot lightly several times to improve the circulation
      · Once the sensation of extreme heat developed in the area, you should lift the palm away, and tap the spot lightly several times to improve the circulation
      · Tightly cap the bottle and store it away from sunlight and heat source
      Store below 30 °C away from sunlight

      For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, sensitive areas or broken skin.
      Keep of reach of children. If pregnant or nursing, please seek doctor’s advise
      Made in Singapore

      Can get it from online shop call yumtrade.
      can email me [email protected] for more information


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        Nice product


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          very effective?


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            Looks like a very powerful way, do not know the actual impact, and have time to try
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