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    Cozy Rookie Array
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    Sep 2011


    I got mine from a cobbler shop in far east plaza a couple of years back - think it's at L3 or L4. it cost about $60-$65

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    Dec 2011

    buy online cheaper !

    Metal one can be found online. I saw it on a that ohthatshop.com
    they have metal one and its less about $40 + only. Metal is still by far the most reliable i feel.
    the cobbler shop one also metal right ?

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    Cozy Rookie Array i_am_prettyroan's Avatar
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    Nov 2011


    I think there is shoe accessories in OG. I am buying there those silicon thing to put on my shoe to prevent stinky smell due. I am also buying there sneakers deo. So possible that they have all your feet needs.

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    Dec 2011


    I saw one at Ikea, pretty cheap

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    Cozy Rookie Array iwan2noe's Avatar
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    Jan 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by shopinfrenzy View Post
    I saw one at Ikea, pretty cheap
    hi shopinfrenzy

    are u referring to the one that has a plastic grey flap infront of a strin that is selling at less than $5 a pair I think?

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    Buying shoes online depends on the trust to the site and style of the shoes if it does suit. You may want consider taking a look at www.foraverblissful.com for more information.

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