Hi girls!

If you are an adventurous girl and always love to be the first one to try out new ranges you should take a look at "Motives Cosmetics" by Loren Ridinger from USA! The brand is very well-loved by many in the states and is now looking at penetrating the Singapore market. Celebrity collaborations include Lala Anthony (wife of NBA record holder Carmelo Anthony), Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian~ There are too many beauty reviews floating around from the western blogosphere (e.g. JennySue Makeup: Product Review :: Motives Cosmetics) so feel free to google for them!

The full makeup line is available for viewing here: Motives by Loren Ridinger | Motives Cosmetics but unfortunately this site doesn't ship to SG so here is the site for the makeup range currently available for shipment to Singapore (let's hope the sales do well and they decided to implement the full range over here!): Global SHOP.COM

Make sure you let me know if you purchased yours!