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    Cozy Rookie Array
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    Mar 2010
    Singapore Potong Pasir

    Makeup Artiste , Listings & info

    Has anybody ever created a topic on Makeup Artists before,
    if not does anyone like to have a topic on makeup Artist ?

    we can start with a list of Makeup Artists.
    the lists can include name of Freelance Makeup Artist ,
    his/her brands of Cosmetics he/she uses.
    link to their blogs or websites.

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    Jan 2014

    Default Personal Makeup Artist :)

    Hi Im Jane, a Singapore based free-lance Makeup Artist. I love to help my clients achieve their most beautiful and confident self. My service is affordable and both hair and makeup will be done. I mainly uses makeup of excellent quality such as M.A.C , Chanel, Urban Decay, Lancome, Dior etc.
    It would be $50 per pax.
    Do contact me via email at janegongxw@gmail.com or phone at 97355981 to answer your enquires and book a session!

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    Aug 2014


    Dear Ladies,
    I'd just like to just quickly share more about myself with any of you who might be interested.
    Please view my website for more information and works: www.theflawlesslook.com

    I have an upcoming makeup class!:

    Attempting to use Youtube as a learning medium and mimicking makeup gurus through your computer screen can only take you so far.

    Master your Makeup like a Pro with Jessmay!
    in a Cosy, Intimate, Hands-On 2.5 Hour Workshop in the heart of town for just $50!
    Tentative Date: 23rd August, 4pm

    Reserve a slot now!
    Text Us: 91802776 / 91550180
    Email us: AskTheFlawlessLook@gmail.com

    Jessmay is a professional makeup artist and trainer with extensive experience in makeup and styling for High Fashion Editorial, Commercials, Print Ads, Bridal and Events, and even Body Art.

    You may view her website and portfolio at www.theflawlesslook.com

    What will be covered in the class:

    The Basics
    Basic skincare for different types of skin
    How to use basic makeup brushes and tools

    Creating the flawless base
    Choosing the right foundation for your skin type to achieve a flawless, dewy & long-lasting look.
    Concealing large pores, uneven skin textures, dark circles, pimples and blemishes

    Highlighting & Contouring
    Sculpting cheekbones,jawline, nose, and sharpening facial features
    Blusher application techniques which make the cheeks 'pop'.

    Awakening The Eyes
    Using eyeshadow to create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes
    Different types of eyeliner and how to use them
    How to apply false eyelashes

    All About Eyebrows
    How to trim and shape your eyebrows
    Achieving fuller lush brows to look more youthful and natural
    How to change your look dramatically by altering the type of brows you draw

    Lip Talk
    How to apply lip colour & make it last
    Matching lip colours to your skin tone
    Moisturise and smoothen dry lips to achieve luscious, kissable and glossy lips

    How to Transform your Day Makeup to a Fun Night Out Makeup
    Before & After Headshots
    Certificate of Completion

    *All materials and equipment will be provided
    Attached Images  

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    Jul 2014


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