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    Cozy Rookie Array
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    Nov 2007

    Default Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel

    Mulberry Small Bayswater Satchel, anyone like it?

    I love the small cutie Bays Satchel, nicer than Alexa..
    Last edited by Mom2Lv; 04-05-2011 at 08:11 AM.

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    Cozy Rookie Array Genna Lee's Avatar
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    Jul 2008


    Depends on what you want to use it for... I feel the small bays is a little too small for everyday, but if you don't carry lots of stuff around you will be fine. I have the large Bays which I use to work, it's the perfect size, but it can get a little heavy if you're carrying it for long periods of time

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    Cozy Rookie Array elleteo's Avatar
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    Oct 2008

    Default Mulberry Polly lock satchel

    Gosh. I'm so not in favor of the new cozycot layout. So many missing threads. Noticed the Mulberry thread is missing.

    I'm so in love with this new polly lock satchel by Mulberry- made famous overnight by Kate middleton:

    Kate Middleton Goes to Canada Carrying Mulberry For the First Time - Celebrity Skin - Racked National

    Absolutely lovely and i've succumbed to it.. sighz. The Mulberry Mini alexa is super cute too. But i have high hopes in this polly lock- it looks so classy and has potential to be the next hit from the house

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