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    Cozy Rookie Array
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    Dec 2008

    Default Moschino bags

    Hello Ladies,

    Is anyone out there a Moschino bag fan? I was searching high and low for a thread or any review on this brand, but apparently there don't seem to be any!

    I am looking to buy their cheap and chic selection, was wondering if anyone know which is the best place to buy from? Also, is the quality good ?

    any helpful comments is appreciated!~

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    Cozy Rookie Array candy123's Avatar
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    Aug 2010


    It is rare and i never hear of it.

    But i know Marc Jacobs. The classic Monogram canvas is equipped with an outer side compartment for water or agenda, and two front pockets for tickets, magazines and other travel essentials.

    Very nice!
    Last edited by candy123; 03-09-2010 at 04:25 PM.

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    Mar 2011


    i used to think the black and gold morchino bags were so the ducks nuts when i was younger.

    Some years ago I saw a Moshino handbag and can not get it out of my mind. It was a black ,over the shoulder bag, that had each letter of the word Moshino, in silver, going across the front. I hope that someone remembers the bag or can let me know if designer purses still can be purchased somewhere on the internet.
    I have checked the websites,beg,borrow or steal and so many others regarding vintage handbags.

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