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    Cozy Rookie Array
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    Aug 2003

    Default Maintain gold hardware on bags?

    Can't find a similiar thread on these...

    does anyone knows how to maintain the gold buckles, zips and other hardware on our precious bags?

    Matt gold hareware is fine but those shiny ones losing its shine turning slightly silvery gold seems very ugly.. Just found some discolouring on the gold zips on my bags..

    Anyone have ways or methods to prevent further discolouring? The SA at Prada suggest using polishing method to polish, but not sure if I can use the TIffany polish cloth on it??


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    Cozy Rookie Array i_am_prettyroan's Avatar
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    Nov 2011


    My concern also... No one is still answering... I think we better try to consult to repair or cleaning store of LV or Coach anywhere ho is doing these kind of services. Does anyone have the number?

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