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    Default Advice needed on Cubic Zirconium Jewellery!

    Hi dears,

    Sorry, I don't seem to find threads about cubic zirconium (CZ) jewellery. Thus, start a new thread.

    Recently chanced upon some websites selling CZ jewellery. And they are gorgeous.

    But, as I am not into jewellery, I like to ask you dears:

    1) What to look out for in CZ jewellery?
    2) Why is there a price difference in different CZ jewellery? Some are above $50+, and some are a few hundreds.
    3) Is it really worth to buy than diamond?
    4) Will you buy CZ jewellery? Why?

    Thank you so much for your help dears!

    Have a blissful week!
    Cheers! q(^.^)p

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    Oct 2011


    To the untrained eye, cubic zirconia looks very similar to a good quality diamond, but CZ has slightly less brilliance or sparkle than a diamond and more fire or flashes of color. The overall visual effect is so similar that it can even fool a trained gemologist on occasion, but other tests can easily differentiate cubic zirconia from diamond.

    One great difference between cubic zirconia and diamond is weight; CZ is about 60% heavier than diamond. A piece of CZ the same size as a one carat diamond weighs about 1.6 carats.

    CZ is also more brittle than diamond and softer. A cubic zirconia can be scratched by diamond, topaz, ruby or sapphire whereas a diamond can only be scratched by another diamond.

    Cubic Zirconia is also flawless, whereas diamond usually contains impurities and inclusions. A colorless diamond with flawless clarity is extremely rare. On the other hand, most cubic zirconia is perfectly transparent and flawless under 10x magnification. One of cubic zirconia's shortcoming as a diamond simulant is that it is too perfect

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