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    Oh no! thats horrible... Thanks for your post customer3009. This is very helpful for me an the other ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eugenawonderful88 View Post
    Oh no! thats horrible... Thanks for your post customer3009. This is very helpful for me an the other ladies.
    Dear Madam ,

    We need to reply to your post because we are afraid you are only getting one side of the story .

    We need to tell you that we did not plan to reply to this complain initially, untill we realised they were leaving 2 to 3 threads of the same written complaint on every forum like HardwareZone & Weddingforum.sg & CozyCot , and really intending to carry out their Blackmail against us .

    I Say " Blackmail " because they had emailed to threaten us.

    The Job for a pair of Diamond Wedding Bands , 4 piece of Diamond Jewelry set consisting of Diamond Bracelet , Earrings & Pendant , with a total Carat weight of over 1.00 carats in total , we charged them a sum total of only $2,950 because her sister was my wife's good friend .

    After we refunded her the deposit , shockingly they emailed to say they demanded $1,000 compensation from us , or they would write to " warn " others of us .
    They said because time & energy was lost .
    But we lost just as much as we were going through the same thing .infact we have to pay office rental or else how could we have meet up with her 2-3 times at our office to discuss the jewelry ?

    To be frank , we dont even make $1,000 from this job , how are we to even compensate them $1,000 ?

    So we did not really review the angle of an apology , just to simmer them down . Because what they really wanted was $1,000 compensation . So we never really got down to thinking about the apology part just to make them happy becos we were still recovering from the shock of the demand & threat .

    They wanted us to compensate them $1,000 for their lost time & efforts.
    Then can we ask for compensation if we spend all the time & energy and educate a potential customer and then in the end the customer goes to buy elsewhere ?

    Lastly we have to make clear we regret & have apologised very early to Sean & Huiqi that we lost part of their order and only started the job 6+ weeks later. This should not be used as an excuse , but my 1st child was born in Febuary also . And i was very busy at home the 1st month & half .

    In the End , i had to return the job because , i had apologised i had lost part of the order and requested them to email me a copy . when they refused to do so , and we had a disagreement over the diamond carat weight total ,so i felt that their atitude was very much " My Way or the Highway " because they simply refused to email me a copy of the details . So i supposed we are also scared , that if the customer has this kind of atitude , further problems may arise .

    We need to clarify that we did not Insult , Cheat , Overcharge nor owe them any money .
    We feel we need to clarify that we are not such a very bad shop as depicted .

    best regards The Engagment Ring Shop

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    This is my e ring!!
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