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Planning your Wedding

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  • Planning your Wedding

    Use this step-by-step 12-month wedding planner as your blueprint for the big event. For purpose of practicality, we arranged a December wedding.


    - The commitment phobe finally proposed. Quick, get a wedding planner or a date book and let the strategizing design

    - Throw an engagement party to show off the diamond ring and make your friends go insane with jealousy.

    - Talk to both sets of parents about the theme of your wedding as well as the budget.

    - Look through bridal magazines to get an idea for your dress (never mind that you already picked the design when you were 12) and then start shopping for a good bridal boutique.

    - Book location for the wedding reception.


    - Make a firm decision about your dress design and get the boutique to start stitching.

    - Since your dress us going to have a neckline that plunges to your pierced belly button, start looking for appropriate accessories

    - Renovation of your home begins.

    - Book your photographer, videographer, cinematographer, best boy, grip, director ... hey, whatever makes you happy, baby.

    - Select the florist and make sure your hand bouquet is not a miniature of the rainforest. Florists tend to get carried away.

    - Check on the work-in -progress at your new home because you don't want your contractor to pull a Phua Chu Kang on you.


    - Horrors! You gained weight because the bingeing got bigger as your wedding to-do list got longer. Time to start some serious exercising with a personal trainer.

    - This is also the start of your healthy eating programme. That means grazing on fruits and vegetables from now on.


    - Deposits for everything should be made and all contracts signed. This is it: there's no turning back and this is not the time to change your mind and cancel the wedding.

    - Renovation is finally completed. Buy all the necessary furniture and drapes for the new home.

    - Progressively move into your new love nest now. Don't wait until later when you'll be busy with all the last minute planning for your wedding.


    - Order the wedding cake.

    - Reserve the honeymoon suite at a hotel if your wedding reception is held at a restaurant or elsewhere.

    - Select gifts for all the attendants such as bridesmaids, groom, flower girls, etc.

    - Organize the wedding car rental plus other car hire services for your parents, his parents and the witnesses.


    - Finalize guest list, as cards have to be printed next week.

    - Go for your first dress fitting. If it doesn't fit, spend the evening pounding the treadmill.

    - Choose appropriate music for the church. If you can't tell the difference between a wedding march and a requiem, then seek the help of the church organist. Better to let him choose the music for you.


    - Send out all wedding invitations. Make sure great-grand aunt Nell in the retirement home gets one too. It'll make her day even if she can't attend.

    - Go for your second dress fitting. You can almost zip it all the way up? An evening of Tae Bo for you.

    - Go for a relaxing aromatherapy massage.


    - Meet with your hairdresser and decide on the right hairstyle for you and your bridesmaid.

    - Get the makeup artist to try a few looks on you, as you don't want to end up looking like the Bride of Frankenstein.

    - Final dress fitting for you and your attendants. The dress fits! Yippee!

    - See your beautician and get a facial.

    - Get marriage license from the Register of Marriages.

    - Work out the seating arrangement for the sit-down wedding dinner, as you don't want feuding family members seated next to each other.

    - Pick up wedding rings.


    - Check into a spa for a full day of body treatment.

    - Call the florist and go through the checklist with her like the church, car decorations, centerpieces for the dinner table and corsages for the wedding party.

    - Your best gal pals plan a hen party for you.

    - Drop by the hotel to check if they have left out anything. make sure the wedding cake is indeed fruitcake and not chocolate.

    - Remind all involved to attend the wedding rehearsal tonight.

    - Mission accomplished. You're getting married in two days' time. Get lots of rest and relaxation.

    got this guide off female brides online

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    This is a short intro on the various bridal designers in Singapore


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      How long to prepare for a wedding?

      Hi Gals,

      Really curious to know how long does it takes to prepare for a wedding and how much roughly it cost? Maybe details of how u plan it and also what had you done will be good. TIA.


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        No gal, i'm just curious and I thought it will be good to share.


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          I'm also rather interested in this topic.
          Anyone can throw some light on this?


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              thank vit_c for the pretty detailed info.. just helped out with my bf's bro's wedding during the weekend that just ended. Hehe..feel like getting married too. I've always got a phobia of marriage but after witnessing the entire process of my bf's bro, I think marriage is such a wonderful thingy...


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                marriage is contagious happiness! BUt i had my phobia also 6mths before the wedding i had a few panic attacks "I am getting married already - am i ready?" Even the whole month before the wedding i ahd wedding gitters which wer increasing in intensity as the day neared.

                Then after wedding now looking at having children i havethe panics too " am i ready for pregnancy mentally?"

                There will be all these panics & worries. Just make sure the he is the correct man & that you are both ready then these panics are just normal.
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                  vitamin c, u are so pro..
                  are u working as wedding planner?


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                    haha just experienced it myself last december. I dont mind actually haha! share experience - importantly we must be happy in what every you do & decide - even if your heels hurt or the music play was wrong - remmeber you are the bride, smile & just enjoy the day.
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                      Just some haphazard thoughts while reading vit_c's very detailed post.

                      1) Hair - Be it treatment, trimming or highlight... it is advised to get it done 2 weeks before photoshoot and again 2 weeks before actual day.

                      2) Actual Day Schedule - Preparation for it should be done at least 1 month before actual day.

                      3) Photographer/Videographer - Do you want to have both? Do you have backups (e.g. friends bringing their own cameras should anything go wrong?)

                      4) MCs - Choose your MCs early and ask them early as well. Apart from being annoyed (having to choose a colour coordinated outfit), it's also not fair to ask them to memorize the script in a rush. Many people do not give enough importance to the selection of MCs.

                      5) Barang-Barang - Give your helpers clear instructions as to who is in charge of seeing that things are loaded up in the car to go to the hotel/restaurant. Don't just tell them in general. Assign someone to see to it. You'll be surprised how many things there are to bring. Portrait, gowns, suits, toiletries etc.

                      6) RSVP - Do your RSVP seriously. And that I mean calling or sms-ing to confirm again even if guests already promised 1 month back that they are coming. Many Singaporeans are not courteous enough to inform of last minute changes. Insist that your parents do RSVP for their guests too. I had a guest list of 550, and believe me, my strict instruction for RSVP helped a lot.


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                        caden thanks for filling up yes the barang barang hair clips the black ones & safety pins, tissues & blotters. & things to touch up like loose powder, & lip-gloss in a light pink shade i told was safe. Migraine, gastric medicine, a small pack of cereal incase you are hungry & not allow to eat or need to eat before you eat panadols.

                        I did RSVP i mth before wedding then send out the cards rather late too but it helped in a way. We panicked as some last min could not come & we had to add some friend last min which was not nice - it looked like last minute as my husband was too busy to call his friend at all so only invited less than half of those he intended to. YOU can send out RSVP or invites earlier but try not to do fresh invites last min - it looks very bad. I was rather angry with my husband as i had to invite his friend fro him last min because he delayed & did not do it for 1 mth! (Busy with work so no choice) I booked for 38 tables with 2 spare & my 2 spares were used up on that day.

                        My colleague married about 5 yrs back made this mistake he said - did rsvp & mailed out invites 3 -4 mths before hand & had 4 tables empty (painful Shangri - la about $1+K a table)

                        I did a actual schedule for the jie meis & one for the brothers as they start at different times. & Also get the hotel to email you before hand the standard script - so that the MC can put in his/her wit & humour accordingly. Otherwise just read from it - if you were thrown the task last minute.

                        My childhood friend aka jie mei was handling the jewellery on her own initiative also held a glass of water with STRAW - i forgot straw & she managed to make some appear! (Take note for JIE MEIs to be ok) & was from time to time making sure i was hydrated - drinking enough. She rehearsed my solo pc with me also that sweet sister (in Christ) of mine. I was so nervous!

                        Tabling is an art it was this jigsaw puzzle my husband & I did for about 2 mths up to the day before the wedding - after this my husband & both side parents & my brother & cousins helped actual day. You have to mix & match this person cannot sit with that person, invite this group - 11 people in the click ok squeeze - one wants to bring the wife! 12 is too hard to squeeze, etc kind of problems - relative & friends meet & want to change table last min - can leave you with the spare tables opened unnecessarily - extra $800-1k+/table ok! So this responsibility must fall in good hands - experienced as well as your family who can also help to tell people they know pai say place change seats without upsetting people too much - doing it with grace always -these helpers need to be patient calm, matured & have tact in people handling & fast, thinking on their toes.

                        Whining Also this is a person who is like the best man or the operations manger per say on the floor - he should be close friends with the groom to make decisions on behalf of the groom & know when to feedback to the couple only when necessary - he will make decisions too that will concern your pocket $$. So brief him -esp. the groom on the constraints he can work within. My this helper was really my operations manager who i & my husband work today daily - he knows us for about 5 years already & we see eye to eye in most things this helped alot. He helped us block friends & colleagues wanting to disturb us with downing my hubby with alcohol telling us not to look around just walk out unless you want to get sabotaged, & etc helps. He himself is married & has been such a helper at weddings many times.
                        Cost: i paid $18/bottle no consignment from a friend's friend, as the quantity was too little. We bought 6 cartons red wine for my 40 tables guests. Which was too much read on why - 2 cartons left about 24 bottles.

                        Guest mix the younger the crowd the more red wine about 1-1.5 bottles a table to budget - if you know you friends drinking habits better still - Beer i 30 litre barrel was more than enough -not many people drink so much beer now - red wine more. Older generations - especially my hubby's grandfather's friends & peers - they about 8 tables downed about 2 bottles of hard liquor per table. Hard liquor was free corkage but hotel said no non DFS kind - scratch off the DFS sign (that will do!) i had like 40 bottles brought XO, martel, etc & only about 15 bottles left more than half went! - we forgot these old XO drinkers! - ordered too much red wine!

                        (i cut & past into word for spelling correct & reposted -terrible spelling mistakes)
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                          Sad to say if ever I am getting married, I think the alcohol will be the most ex part.

                          How about other cost or any hidden cost? Ang Baos and etc?


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                            thanks vit c
                            i copied this and email my SO
                            it's really v helpful


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                              I think i need to mail this to SO too. Then he will know what a bomb it costs to have a wedding.. :wow: