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Jonsson Protein, the Hair Care Expert

Many are unaware that protein forms 91% of our hair structure. The lack of protein in hair follicles can lead to thinning hair, brittle hair roots, weak & fine hair, unhealthy hair growth and consequently… hair loss! For this reason, Jonsson Protein, the Hair Care Expert™ from USA formulated a special type of protein (which is extracted from botanical plants) that will help customers regain healthy scalp and hair while resolving hair loss problems effectively. With its unique VE Protein® Hair Care Treatment, be assured that every session proves to provide visible results* in just 1 session!

Features of Jonsson Protein's Unique Formula:
- Helps to promote a clean scalp
- Conditions hair and hair follicles
- Strengthens hair cuticle, making hair stronger and silkier
- Helps stimulate scalp micro-circulation, creating a healthy environment for hair growth
- Improves hair thickness

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Warrant Trading Game to win $20k!

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  • Warrant Trading Game to win $20k!

    Hello people, Just would like to share with you guys this competition that my friend introduced me to.

    It's actually a warrants trading competition. I have no knowledge about this trading yet but it seems to be a good chance I get to know it because there will be like free seminars to tell us on how warrants trading works and I could put what i have learned to test in the Hotshot competition! Like a simulation of the real trade without really losing $$.

    But of cos those we already know how warrant trading works should sign up! $20,000 to be won!

    details can be found here -->

  • #2
    Quite cool ***.. I joined the "private investors" category. How about you? Starting with 100000 Hotshot dollars??? Lol.. I wish I really had such money to play with... hahahahah


    • #3
      Sorry Noob trader here.

      What is the difference between Remisiers and Dealers,
      Private Investors, Media and Students?

      Will there be a difference in selection of these categories?


      • #4
        if im an accounts assistant means i cant play?


        • #5
          Well remisiers/dealers must be actual brokers and all who really trade warrants.

          Media are from everyone who is from the media industry?

          Students are just students. But I believe you have to be 18 years and above though. hehe..

          Private Investors are all the other people who don't fall into these categories.. like me!!

          Makes sense right?

          Any1 can join la... No restriction as far as I can see.. Aprilkwan.. You should register.. Nothing to lose anyway. It's just for fun and experience in trading even if we don't win anything..


          • #6
            any1 gone for d seminar? I **** i missed d last 1 they had


            • #7
              Any experienced trader here to give tips? :-)