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Recommendation for Touch Screen Phone

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  • Recommendation for Touch Screen Phone

    hi girls... anyone using touch screen phone?

    i'm thinking of getting one, but there are so many types! one moment i'm keen on A, the next on B, then I see C i gian... -_-

    My main functions of phone is music, sms, call, camera... wifi is a bonus, but not really a MUST cos i realize i don't really surf net on the phone... (using Sony W960i) 3G not really important either... (unless wanna spot check on hubby... just joking! =x) n hopefully not too much lag!

    but most important thing, must be sensitive to nails... because i tried Arena the other day, my long nails gets in the way sometimes... so when i type sms, it takes sooo long, cos my fat fingers and thumbs always end up pressing the wrong buttons... -_- so if fingernails can act as stylus, that will be great! =D

    saw LG Cookie, Samsung Jet, Nokia N97, Samsung Omnia 2, LG Joy GM730, SE Aino and Satio (have to wait till end of this year!) and not sure which one to choose! -_-

    anyone using these phones and how you find these phones?

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    yeah i would love to know the ans too. i thinking of getting of HTC diamond2 too. heard that it is good however the audio system and calling is not that fantastic. wonder what they mean by not that fantastic. anyone knows about it?


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      Yes, too many good ones out there, a bit confusing too and now I am contemplating btw an iphone vs Motorola Milestone, HTC Desire and SE X10.

      If you are me, which one will you choose and why? Thanks.


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        Anyone can kindly share your feedback on the above phones pls? Tons of thanks.


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          i have not tried any of the phones, bt iphone is not for you if you wanted something which is sensitive to nails. iphone is heat sensitive, so must use the fingers.. bt u will get used to it soon if you decide on that.

          else, my friend uses omnia, not bad she said..


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            htc desire doesnt need nails


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              Is Desire better than Milestone?


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                Vote your Favourite

                So many more new ones coming up or already out. Vote your most desired or favourite touch screen phones and why!

                1. SE X10
                2. SE Vivaz
                3. SE Vivaz Mni (? or the one with the keyboard)
                3. HTC Desire
                4. Motorola Milestone
                5. Motorola Milestone X(?)
                6. iphone 3G
                7. iphone 4G

                If there is any that you like it a lot but it's not here, you may add on to the list too.


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                  No one is using the above hps? Which are the ones that you are using currently and would appreciate any reviews or feedback on it. Thanks.


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                    nvr tried the above mentioned phones, but i've used HTC tattoo and i loved it, despite the small screen.. i love the android OS, can also dl free apps.. but maybe not as many as iphone. Another phone highly recommended by my fren is HTC magic, also running on android OS but with a bigger screen. i'm using my nails as the stylus too.

                    I've used Omnia (windows mobile OS) before and didn't really like it... very laggy when you switch between applications.


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                      Hi girls, I thought iPhone with its gyroscope has dominated the market?

                      Ultimately boils down to your primary "wants" e.g, battery life? syncing?, etc.




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                        How about Milestone XT? Am considering this set now. Anyone has any review on this set can pls share your feedback pls? Thanks.


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                          Mind sharing and suggesting which are the top apps for Milestone XT720? How to get the chinese input for sms? Had downloaded but it's not installed in the input list. May I know how to add on to the keypad list pls and how to get rid of those apps which i do not want under Home Menu? Thnks.


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                            Aiming for a SE X10 mini - not sure if i should get the one with keyboard or without keyboard.

                            Any one know if SE X10 mini Pro(the one with keyboard) is released in Singapore?


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                              SE X10 mini pro has been released in Singapore