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What Age and Income Group To "Qualify" For Chanel Bags

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  • What Age and Income Group To "Qualify" For Chanel Bags

    I am still studying at the moment. My first Chanel is a gift from parents. I am wondering, upon graduation, if my salary is about SGD 3.5K per month, is it reasonable for me to get a Chanel bag ? A Chanel Jumbo in Singapore costs more than 4K. It seems so unaffordable now.... spending more than 1 month salary on a bag. I am depressed after doing the calculation

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    i think ultimately it depends on you whether you wanna buy or not.
    As long as you are comfortable with it, just go ahead.


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      I want to buy, no doubt it looks like i have to work for at least 3 months before I can save enough for one, that is, if i can fetch a salary of at least 3.5 . if less, i have to work for even more months!!


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        actually i don't think there is really an age or income group to qualify for chanel bags.

        mine is, my parents pay for me first and I pay them back via monthly installments. (luckily no tax, if not I sure cry)


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          instalment plan is a good idea but i doubt my parents will agree to it. your parents are so kind...


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            gogogurl: thanks But I have to plan and control myself as well. If they find it's not the time for me to spend, they wouldn't allow me to go ahead too. I think there are many ways to get what you want.


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              My 1st chanel was a gift from hubby. Think for my 2nd one I will have to pay him back by instalment too... At least no interest charge


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                Chanel bags are really very expensive. Working adults who earn more than 5k a month can easily afford one bag like this though.


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                  do u think its justified? if you already feel depressed, then dont buy that bag. There are still many people without Chanel bags. I do not think that u need to be in such "agony" because of a bag. I mean, life isnt just about branded bags right?

                  If your parents do not agree on paying for u and then u pay them on installments, take that as a training instead. U should learn to save money first then buy a bag. the thing is, you must learn how to save money. Thats what I feel. Otherwise u have branded bag and bank no money, its still useless.


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                    You can save until you are ready to get Chanel. I was not a Chanel lover before. Then when I fall in love, I go all out. In 2 months, I bought 2 Jumbo Classic, 1 medium Classic, 3 rings, 1 pair of earrings, 1 necklace, 2 pairs of shoes.

                    Same things for Hermes, when I fall in love, I buy a lot at one go. Last month, I bought 16 Hermes products.

                    But of course, I did not get both brands in Singapore, I bought them in Europe. I even purposely fly over to Paris to buy Hermes. Usually, the price is 20-30% less than that in Singapore.

                    You are still young as you are studying. I am 28 years old and has been working for years. Of course, I do earn a comfortable income to afford so many things at one go without any installment.

                    But I guess you cannot compared this way. When you start to work, you have to invest in a lot of things to look good. You have to get good shoes, good accessories, good hairstyle, good make up, good fashion and of course good bags. Take one step at a time.

                    You can start things slow and always remember not to succumb to peer pressure. I do know few ladies who earn few thousands but wanted to keep up with the brands that end up having a lot of credit card debts.

                    For me, I do pay by credit card to earn points but always settle in full every month. I do not use credit card installment as it eats into my credit limit. Next time, if you have a credit card, you may consider credit card 0% installment to lighten your load. For example, a Chanel classic jumbo is S$4600, with 6 month 0% installment at a 3% processing fee will be about S$790 per month. You have to bear the 3% processing fee as Chanel does not offer installment program.

                    Some people i know of, use their bonus to buy branded to pamper themselves. Others recieved as gifts.


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                      i don't believe in there being a particular age to buy chanel bags. if it is within your means, then it's fine. but personally i don't believe in buying luxury goods (what i term as wants) on credit. using a credit card to pay for it is fine but not if you have to split it up into instalments.

                      with people losing jobs every day, you never know whether you would still have pay next month so why put yourself in such a situation. it would only detract from your enjoyment of the bag.

                      just my opinion though.


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                        carebear, charmelise, blingg and meowcsj

                        that's very insightful! thanks so much for taking time to write those advice!

                        meowcsj: i can't believe it, u r only 28! u r so, so capable!! read about your trips and purchases, u r incredible!

                        blingg and charmelise: i also feel, once i start the "instalment plan" with my parents, i think i can't stop... *sigh* well, anyway, they won't agree to it either..theywn ill probably ask me to save for a property or something else instead of a bag

                        true...many people still live happily without Chanel but i dont know, once i have the 1st one, i can't stop thinking about owning more!


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                          if it's a reward for yourself in completing your degrees, i will say go for it. It's a good way to pamper yourself of achieving your degree. But if you feel very uncomfortable in spending, then i will say probably you can wait a little while first, till you are comfortable then go ahead with it.


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                            You are welcome.

                            Ya, will never stop at one. That is the dream of pursuit. I just bought my first Birkin, and now thinking the colour of the second one. That will make one work harder for the things she wants in life.

                            Ultimately, the most important is being happy. I am happy when shopping.

                            No point on buying something then end up being stressed up or deprived or hungry. I ever seen people buy branded then eat bread the whole month!

                            I am also looking at buying a freehold property but fulfilling the smaller ticket items first.

                            I now only buy good value bags IMO, such as LV, Chanel and Hermes only.

                            Gogogurl, take things slowly. Enjoy your youth, don't be depressed by the thought of buying Chanel. Buying Chanel should be a happy thing.


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                              welcome gogogurl. oh i actually didn't mean "parent" instalment plan. that is risk free haha... i meant using instalment schemes offered by credit card companies. if you default the interest is incredibly high.

                              you will never stop at one, i recently bought my first and am debating which second one to get.

                              i believe in paying for quality so i would rather have one chanel bag rather than 20 lower quality ones for example. it would look good every day and many years down the road so i consider value for money. same goes for jewelry, shoes and watches. so my further advice is this, if you really like chanel bags, save up for another one. it would make walking into the boutique and buying it all the more satisfying.