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tall girls in high heels?

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  • tall girls in high heels?

    hi cotters, i'm 173cm and i love my heels, 4" and up. however i always buy them and end up not wearing them. i feel like a monster in them cos i'm slim but bigger boned than the ave sg girl. the overall effect is pretty scary. it doesn't help that my SO is ard the same height as i am.

    anyone in the same shoes as i am?

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    i'm not as tall as you are, but I face the same situation. I'm 168cm, SO is 174cm and my gfs are all around 158cm to 162cm. It sucks, because even though I'm slim and proportionate, I still look big when I stand next to them, especially when I'm in heels

    I heels and buy them frequently, but I really don't wear them as much as I would love to.


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      I'm 171cm and I wear high heels as well.

      I feel I'm slim but bigger boned as well - kinda feel like a "super model" when I wear them. My SO is same height as me too but he doesn't mind at all that I look much taller than him.

      I think I already look taller than him w/o heels since I think girls at the same height as guys tend to look taller?

      Normally I stop wearing them cos of backache, thats the only reason why I stop wearing them haha.


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        sigh, my SO once said that it was disrecpectful of me to wear heels. like WTF man?! i think his ego is too damn big alr.

        anyway everytime i see those angmoh models, i really feel like i'm a monster. so sad. that's y sometimes i'm abit insecure to wear high heels.


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          im 1.7m
          love-hate relationship with heels....
          like very much, own a few pairs, but dun wear very often.
          even with flats, im already taller than 95% of my gfs and 90% guy frens & colleagues. when wearing them, i feel like giant, even towering guys whom are taller than me when im in flats....


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            i'm 1.72m and i can't wear heels for nuts

            i love heels, and i only wear them to work or for special occasions like wedding dinners. other than that, i can't wear because SO's around my height and all my friends will complain like crazy when i wear heels


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              I am 1.71m and i still continue to buy heels and only wear those am comfortable with to work or special occasion with families. I seldom wear heels when am with my SO because he's only standing at 1.75m.


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                you girls are so tall!!!! omg. hehe. i'm only like 1.55m. haha. i think tall girls with heels look sexy. haha!


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                  its sad to see tall gals like us always ending up with shorter men & those men who are 1.80 & above always end up with short gals


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                    suddenly i feel like i'm not alone. sometimes i wished i had more tall friends so that we can go out in heels tgthr. quite cool. haha!

                    heels always have much prettier designs than flats. i can't count the times where i had to stop myself from "wasting money". haha.

                    sometimes my friends will scold me if i wear heels. they'll say so tall alr, wear what heels?


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                      1.71m.. totally understands... but Im a bit different, average built, not slim which means i look big when standing next to my friends. I do so love heels but they aren't the most comfortable footwear around! I still buy a few here and there though and yes, girls wearing heels are oh-so-sexy!

                      p/s: ever in the situation where a friend who sees you often say you have grown taller??? Very amusing!


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                        im 1.7m tall too...
                        and i just loves wearing heels but my gfs will ask me not to wear heels when im out with them... and they often say i look like their teacher or elder sister coz i look kind of "older" than them when im the same age as them!! =(

                        i will wear heels on weekdays and flats on weekends coz easier and more relax to walk around with flats on a crowded weekends...! hee..
                        SO is abit shorter than me. he is standing at 1.69m but i guess its ego that he always say he is taller than me etc etc.. hahaha... but again i think he doesnt care if im on heels and out with him coz he got so used to it already.. i feel kind of relieve.. as initial stage we were both conscious..


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                          wow, finally found a thread which touches to the core of my soul!!

                          I'm 1.68m & weigh at 48kg, so can be said as quite slim. But like most of you here, I often feel 'big' when I wear heels, esp among the MRT crowds.

                          My SO's 1.75 and doesnt mind me wearing heels but I personally don't like to be of the same(or almost) height as him. I'm so envious of the proportionate height-difference btw some couples (abt 1/2 head or so) cause the girls will look like they are protected by their bfs!!

                          Oh and one more thing! Some really killer heels are so damn nice, but I never buy coz I would feel like a traffic light if i wear them...


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                            Me too! I love heels & i always buy but seldom wear.. i am 167.. Btw what does SO mean? Thanks..


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                              Originally posted by Jerelineee View Post
                              Me too! I love heels & i always buy but seldom wear.. i am 167.. Btw what does SO mean? Thanks..
                              Jerelineee, it means significant other.

                              i am 1.67 too and the nicer looking heels are always 3 inches & above

                              feel like a giant in them and i wish my future SO will be 1.8m and above

                              and it's really bugging me why that i always see shorter girls with taller SOs while tall girls tend to get SOs shorter than 1.78m...
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