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Of Shoe Insoles/Heel Liners and other solutions

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  • Of Shoe Insoles/Heel Liners and other solutions

    Hi, I have a little prob here , as my open toe( those with 2 big strips only in front) kinda expanded after a few wears, maybe its leather type material? now, my foot sort of slide forward whenever i walk and its really uncomfy, making my heels look bigger than it actually is ( because the open toe allowed the feets to slide forward.

    Any idea if there's anything like a jelly pad or whatever i can put on the sole to prevent my foot from sliding forward? its a strappy sort of heels not covered shoes.. pls help i love that pair so much!!

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    You could try Scholl Party Feet. I think they're sold at Watsons or Guardian - can't remember which. I've worn them to prevent my feet from getting sore although they also seem to be good for anti slip.


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      hi dada_love,
      usually leather or suede materials tend to expand quite abit after some time.

      u can try putting insoles.. (try scholl brand..can get them from watsons or guardian..major pharmacies.. )they help to push ur feet backwards so it doesn't slide forward..
      there are 2 types of insoles.. either the whole piece ones or the smaller ones that's only fitting the front part of the shoes. if you find them uncomfortable and ugly if you remove your shoes.. bring your shoes to the clobber and ask them to add insoles for you and they will stick them underneath your leather sole piece. alternatively if you can DIY by buying some gum and try to stick them yourself. but remember it has to be underneath your sole piece and not on top of it..

      hope this helps..


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        thanks girls!, are there Jelly types or just those fabric ones?


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          The party feet are jelly, whilst insoles are usually fabric.


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            Heel grips

            Hi girls, i've recently bought a pair of really high heels but i found them a little loose for me while wearing them out. i cant walk properly in them as they're loose. Anyone knows where to get good heel grips to fix them at e back of e shoe? thanks alot!


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              Most shoe departments in shopping centres will have them. Probably have to ask a sales assistant in a shoe department. Will usually be near the cashier counter. HTHs


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                Are these heel grips? Scholl and Kiwi call them heel liners. Some call them heel pads.

                or these?

                I was just talking about heel liners in another shoe thread. I have Scholl's Ball of Foot cushions too. I believe the Party Feet gel cushions and Foot Petals' Killer Kushionz above serve the same function for high heels. You probably need either the cushions plus the heel liners or just either one to fix the looseness. The Scholl's leather heel liners didn't really fix the looseness of one of my shoes.




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                  i do get abrasions on my toe-joints when i wear covered shoes. any recommendations of products in the market that may help to prevent that besides wearing stockings?


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                    i recently tried scholl's gel heel liners (can't remember the exact name... it came in purple packaging) for my too large high heeled pumps. before using the heel liners, i couldn't even walk properly because my shoes kept falling off, but after putting on the heel liners, i could walk normally and it felt really comfortable too!

                    just when i thought i'd found my holy grail for heel liners, they stopped sticking to the heels of my shoes after 2-3 wears and started shifting about and my shoes started falling off again. i've used hollywood tape to stick them back, and so far so good, although i've only worn the shoes once since.......

                    verdict: scholl's heel liners are really comfortable and great for preventing too large shoes from slipping off. the glue could be improved though. and i wouldn't recommend it for shoes with no extra room to spare cos the heel liners are quite thick and may make the shoes very tight as a result....


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                      did u try the leather ones instead? also from scholl


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                        hi ohmy, i haven't tried the leather ones....

                        oh one more thing... the packaging for the gel liners says that it's reusable... just wash with warm water and re-stick. i've personally never tried doing this though...


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                          i think foot petals are quite good! but pretty expensive


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                            I discovered only recently that Daiso sells lots of shoe solutions. At $2, we can save so much! But can anyone comment on the quality?

                            Originally posted by ohmy View Post
                            i do get abrasions on my toe-joints when i wear covered shoes. any recommendations of products in the market that may help to prevent that besides wearing stockings?
                            I read of moleskins but I'm stil not 100% sure how they're supposed to look. I imagine they're like those medical plasters of various shapes and sizes to stick on the toes where there'll be most friction. Something like those plasters for corn?


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                              i recently tried foot petals heel liners and i think it's quite good. does a decent job of preventing heel slippage. i've only worn the shoe once since i stuck it on so i can't really comment on the glue yet. but it -seems- better than the scholl's one. and foot petals seem less prone to bunching/crumpling.