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  • Fendi

    hey girls, am thinking of buying a fendi chef bag..
    Anyone here owns a chef bag?
    I need more opinions!!

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    Anyone knows if the spy bag has arrived at our shores and how much it costs?? TIA


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      I am so in love with the SPY bags Finally after years of avoiding Fendi bags...

      I want this one on the left


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        the Spy bags were here last month.

        it's $3580 for the medium spy. according to the SA at Fendi taka, they will not be bringing in the large spy.


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          Originally posted by sharon
          I am so in love with the SPY bags Finally after years of avoiding Fendi bags...

          I want this one on the left
          The spy bag looks really nice
          Fendi reminds me of the secondary sch days. The FF hairbands and scrunchie Those were the days man


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            Spy bags is But price is a bit steep


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              Saw it today and it did nothing for me. I find the pouch's (which is actually made up of the front flap) workmanship and material really coarse.

              $3580 is for full leather material. Then there are the half leather, half fendi jacquard material and the full jacquard material.

              The medium full jacquard costs $2500+??

              Anyway, Singapore don't have ex-stock. Waiting list is long and full all the way till July. Plus, you have to make a 50% deposit in order to be on the waiting list. :faint:


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                I agree with teiko, the inside isn't that great.

                No compartment except for the one she mentioned. The brown half canvas and half leather one is even uglier inside, just a plain beige material - gunnysack almost.

                The full leather brown I posted up has the FF material inside instead so it looks better.

                Despite all of SPY's inner cons - I'm still taken with this bag. Out of 10 friends, only 3 like the SPY, the others just don't get it hee hee.

                Size-wise, the medium is BIG enough. Any bigger and it'll look ridiculous unless say you are nearing 6ft or weigh close to 80kg.

                There's no long wait list though, according to the SA it's popular but not the LV kind of popular frenzy. It's just that it takes the stock roughly 2 months to get in from day of deposit. Obviously FENDI must wait a certain time to gather as many orders as poss before placing order. No way in hell they'll do a shipment per bag...
                Last edited by sharon; 25-04-2005, 03:03 AM.


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                  The full leather brown I posted up has the FF material inside instead so it looks better.

                  That sounds better. But if I were to really choose then it would have to be the white leather with green handles (green handles to camouflage the braiding of the leather)

                  Wonder what's the maximum number of bags they can order per shipment:roll: AFAI can remember, the SA was saying, the shipment is full this month, nexth month as well as June. She was saying that they might be doing a 2nd shipment in June as well. She was quite surprised at the popularity of the bag as well.


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                    i like the braiding alien~insect-ish and brown shows it off best! lol

                    they have the white and green one in the store, i can't carry it because the colour makes it look too big on me. black's boring and the tan's the colour of diarrhoea so dark brown it is!


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                      Saw a snippet of the spy being launched in Taiwan and I must say the look is growing on me. Especially the half and half, though I must say I am not impressed with the lining chosen......


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                        I am actually starting to like some variations of the spy:

                        and this one, I really like:

                        But it costs US$5400 for the lambskin one and the sequins might fall off over long time of usage.


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                          the sequinned one looks the same as the normal spy design except for the 2 bands of well...sequins. and i'm sure they're going to charge a lot more for them too! LOL

                          i don't really like the pleated spy though, reminds me of wrinkles and i don't need reminding!!


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                            LOL, but that's much cheaper, it's about US$2540 or something


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                              These are some from the Fall collection: