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  • Orbis

    Is their skincare & colour available through representatives only?

    i can't locate them in retail outlets...

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    bumping this up...

    recently read abt this brand in a taiwan forum.. read that its sunscreen is pretty good. this brand is not available at taiwan though, but is being sold at taiwan auction. but they do have several shops in hong kong. any reviews of their product?


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      I saw many advertisements for this brand in Taiwan magazine nowadays... Think it is already in Taiwan... I did some surfing at their webby and it is almost like FANCL I find their product more interesting thou I am a fan of Fancl Like what got 100% NO OIL (CUT OIL) products!!

      They have those meal replacement stuff for sliming Refer to the Taiwan website more interesting -----> They having some website revamp.... so only like a page but before that it was more informative than the Hongkong webby....

      I also found their Japanese webby:

      Anyone have any idea which website we can get it here or where we can find this brand in any small stores in Singapore? How come Singapore always don't have such stuff?
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        hi! I'm using their moisturiser and facial wash for acne skin, which is the clear series. it's good, i've less pimples now. also using its pimple gel, but nothing to rave about. their oil-free, tinted sunblock is good also! won't leave a white cast...

        edit to add: i bought its 2-way cake also, but haven't use it yet. i've its LE cream eyeshadow in beige-gold too.
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          bleucheeze: Great to know their stuff is great But where do you get yours? I just email to the Japan Company and they do not deliver to Singapore Did you ask Iris to help CP from Japan? TIA


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            vienne: I bought them on my 2 recent trips to hong kong. I find the CLEAR series esp suitable for my skin (it doesn't dry out my skin), so I stock up almost a year's supply. kiasu me also bought several tubes of the Oil free face sunblock, and then I realise only need to use a pea size each time, so it's value for money IMHO. the sunblock is a very much talkabout product in Taiwan beauty forum, and is the best selling item in Japan IIRC. I'm keen to try out their meal replacement products too! the low calorie instant noodles and dumplings look good!

            reviews about the sunblock here (in Chinese):


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              bleucheeze: Yeah I agree their Meal Replacement stuff look so nice but taste and ingredients... hehe really dunno how it taste like.... The milk shake looks nice


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                I have checked the Taiwan's Orbis website... Is it cheaper huh? Other than the mail order, do they have retail in Taiwa? I am looking at the UV Cut liquid foundation.


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                  I should knock myself for not purchasing from HK. Luckily there's always cp. =D


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                    it's cheaper to get orbis in taiwan compared to in hong kong...


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                      Vernis, they are not sold in SG yet I think but I's using their Foam Esthe Pack which is a foamy mask... super fun to use and really cleans the face.. LOVE it!


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                        orbis taiwan ships to SG? any idea how much is shipping?


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                          oh what bummer! My friend just came back from Taiwan too. Please give a shout out any who is going there soon!


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                            Originally posted by bleucheeze View Post
                            it's cheaper to get orbis in taiwan compared to in hong kong...
                            Then is it cheaper in Japan compared to Taiwan? TIA!


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                              think it's 1000 yen & NT380.

                              not much diff in prices but dunno how to order fr tw webbie.