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Desperately Looking for Naturactor in Singapore

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  • Desperately Looking for Naturactor in Singapore

    Hi all,

    i find that Naturactor is a very good cover up base creame foundation /concealer.

    its only $22 and it works so well. Made in Korea.

    And the best part is i brought it in a shop in chinatown.

    Most of my sis's makeup artist friends use this as well for their clients.

    Anyone tried?


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    Naturactor- Whereabouts?

    Hi there, I have been using Naturactor foundation for years. However, the shop i bought it from has closed down. I'm wondering whether anyone out there knows whereabout I can find some. Desperately in need... THAnks heaps..


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      i have used this product when i learning mak eup in shanghai ... i know this product when i working in bridal photo studio .most of them use this product

      Naturactor very cheap in shanghai ..its only 30 RMB about 6 SGD .. so i dont recommend it to use everyday .. thats why lots of bridal studio used it ...

      even i saw the japanese character behind the case .. i think this product was made in china .. the price too cheap for a japanese product


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        Desperately Looking for Naturactor in Singapore

        Hi everyone, I'm looking for Naturactor Foundation In Singapore. Anyone out there with news about it. Hope to hear about it soon. Thanks..


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          There are a couple of shops in Chinatown that stock organic makeup brands... you might want to try that? It's the building that is behind/beside OG, has a food centre on the 1st floor.


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            u have a picture of it?? will be popping by chinatown this weekend. Can look out for u.
            Where this product from?? Japan?? why not Buy it online?


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              tried buying them online.. but it's all in Japanese or chinese charactors.. drove me nuts reading those chinese wordings.. whaha.. it's a small white compact container.. twice the size of a 50cents coin.. it's a makeup foundation.. thanks heaps for ur help..Oh yeah.. this product is made in Japan under Meiko Cosmetics..


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                someone mentioned this address, maybe u can go there for a look. Chinatown - Beware CNY coming...crowded...JAMMMM....

                Hai Tong Co Pte Ltd., Blk.4 Sago Lane #01-125, Singapore 050004. Telephone : 6225 9296

                Is the foundation good? is it a 2 way cake?? oil control and coverage?? suitable for sensitive skin??


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                  This foundation is pretty good.. fantastic coverage but not for everyday use.. i'm allergic to most stuffs.. but it does not irritates my skin.. so i think it's pretty okie..


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                    This is how it looks like :


                    Coverage is very good but it looks heavy on skin..

                    My make-up artist used it on my on my ROM.


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                      I found the shop but was closed.... last saturday ard 7.30pm
                      Maybe they not selling those festive goodies or deco, so they dont stay open late.


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                        I was photocopying stuff in Katong Shopping Center today, and walked around while my stuff was being photocopied. I walked into this beauty shop and realised Naturactor was being sold there. Think the shop is called Rey Im or smth, can't remember. i roughly remember got three shades sold i think. that shop sells really uncommon stuff there, like Kanebo Media (which is a drugstore brand of Kanebo) tt is not available in singapore...


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                          hui, how much os the naturactor? TIA!


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                            I know Rey Im Cosmetics House #01-53 & 01-36/38 (Katong Shopping Ctr)
                            I got my Payot products there.
                            The place is over-crowded with products.... heh heh
                            Will pop by soon

                            Business Hr:
                            Mon - Sat ~ 11.30am to 9pm
                            Sun - Holiday ~ 12noon to 8pm
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                              eload72: that's it!

                              : i don't know, because i didn't enquire as i'm not interested in this...