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    Cozy Star Array lawonabrick's Avatar
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    Dec 2008

    Default what to do when usps deliver to my house but i'm not at home?

    Hello girls, i need help ! I ordered something online from a US site and chose priority shipping international from USPS and there's this code no. given to me where i can track it.

    I checked on tuesday and they said that :
    Attempted Delivery SINGAPORE 11/15/10 4:25pm

    Does this mean that they had tried to deliver to my house before but failed? There wasn't anyone home during this time, and there wasn't any slip of paper slided under my door.

    As far as i know, usually they will slide a piece of paper under your door if you are not at home to recieve the parcel right? But i found nothing.

    I went to USPS site and they have this link for redelivery option, but they need a peach colored form which would be given if you are not home to recieve it. I'm not sure if it applies to international customer as well so i would like to seek the advice of regular spree-ers who have shipped using USPS.

    Oh and is it possible that they have left it at the nearest local post office? What should I do? It's a combined spree order parcel and i'm fretting about it

    Please help me! Thanks !!

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    Nov 2010


    You should call USPS, I believe USPS is a company on it's own so it does not have anything to do with SingPost. So, call them and check on the status, because sometimes the site is not updated or the form might be missing, you can give them your address and tracking number and they should be able to trace it and let you know!

    Good luck!

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    Sep 2010


    Once, the UPS guy gave me a call on my mobile, when noone was at home when he came to deliver the stuff cos I indicated my number on the order. I then gave him further instructions...Guess you can do the same.

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    Oct 2008


    Aiyo... why you opt for usps...

    As far as I know, giant courier companies like UPS, DHL and FEDEX have their own offices in Singapore, when nobody is home, they will bring it back and get operator to call you for re-delivery.

    For other foreign courier company like USPS, Hong Kong SpeedPost, China EMS, they could hire local singapore base small courier companies to deliver on their behalf when your parcel arrived in Singapore.

    I know EMS use Sing Post for local delivery when the parcel arrive in Singapore. Because I have used it before, the tracking system stats that the parcel is in Singapore Post Parcel Center.

    I am not sure how much informations does USPS tracking system give. If the tracking system did not mention Singapore Post parcel center, it could be handled by local courier company.

    You may try to visit your nearest post office to see if there is any parcel for you under your name, if not. All you can do is contact USPS and or wait to see if any small private courier company call you.

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